Life Ark 4

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Your escape from the desert moon (Life Ark 3) has had dire consequences for the universe you currently find yourself in!

Your previous attempt to stop a blackhole's progress has caused it to mutate into a super giant black hole - one this universe has never seen before.

Escape from the universe before the super giant blackhole consumes everything... including your civilisation!

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No logic involved.

Not only is the game boring,but there is also NO logic involved!I could just randomly click on anything and I could win.Ok I do admit that the game was a bit of fun, but next time please make so that it takes more than an iq of 70 to win.Like, make it that I can't click sencelessly to win the game.

Perhaps the best

I think this may in fact be the best in the series. It probably helps that of all the ones, this is the easiest to figure out and I managed to get further than I did with any of the other entries. The music is also pretty nice and it is the sort of thing you listen to for awhile. It's just funny how I play these things and never finish them. They start off with the introduction that I accomplished the final chapter when I didn't. The character design was pretty good, but I guess it could've been a bit more creative.

A bad point and click adventure

It had a decent story and nice graphics, but some of the puzzles aren't clear on what you have to do, the letter one was particularly difficult because it changes every time you start over and sometimes the picture doesn't match what you have on your board, because of this the walkthrough is nearly useless, but it's required to get past the path puzzle which is a bad attribute of point and click adventures. For a point and click adventure to be too unclear and you HAVE to use the walkthrough is more of just a pain in the arse. You have great potential, but you just needed to make the basic rules of the puzzles more clear.

pretty much senceless

it was not fun at all, just go cliking on a senseless order and senceless things hapen hnm...just lame, no logic ,

Couldn't figure out the path-puzzle.

The puzzle with the paths was rather non-sensical. The walkthrough didn't really explain what was going on. The numerical sequences didn't have any correlation -- least cost path? Odd/even numbers? If there was a pattern, it was rather subtle and non-intuitive. So I just quit.

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2.37 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2009
5:37 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click