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Effing Zombies

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Author Comments

If there is anything Newgrounds folk are good at, it's killing zombies. This game took way to long to make because of redoing it multiple times and other reasons. Hope you guys like it.

WASD/arrows to move; mouse to aim and shoot; spacebar to toss grenades; 1-6 to change weapon; R to reload.

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very good but uninspired... it seems you could have just given us the guns at a certain level instead of us buying them...

Unenjoyable due to lag.

I managed to complete it on easy despite lag, but I didn't enjoy it, I just did it out of spite.

On hard the lag is too cumbersome to even try.

One saving grace of this game is that it actually has an ending and a boss rather then infinite waves of lag creating zombies.

However there could be more variety to enemies, only three enemies which have the same graphics and only difference is speed, hp and colours. And then there is a very generic and easy boss. Luckily boss level doesnt suffer from lag like regular levels due to little amount of zombies on screen.

Why does main hero regenerate Health? Is he Alexander Anderson fighting with ghouls? Is he Wolverine? The game has no story whatoever, could use it. And if regeneration is not adressed then player should search for medpacks just like he does for grenades to replenish health.

Good but bored.

Interesting and unique.