Rubik's Clock Simulator

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Author Comments

Added easy mode on request by RubyVIII

Solve this puzzle by making all hands on both sides point at 12.
RFUJ are used to control the buttons
WSEDIKOL are used to move the clocks
Space flips the puzzle
ENTER scrambles
if you have to... ESC solves the puzzle

or just use your mouse

Made for Game Design class (first year, first semester) in pure actionscript (flex ftw!), will be open sourced October 28th

1: with the button up (yellow) the four clocks around the button move and the corner clock on the other side does too and with the button down (black) the other way around.
2: clicking the solve button doesn't make you win, but it may teach you how to solve the puzzle. (Googling rubik's clock solution helps a lot too)
3: try, try and try again.
does anybody even read this?
if so, there's a version with highscore here: http://www.kongregate.com /games/d4m4s74/rubiks-clo ck-simulator

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ui = bad

revise the controls and it is solid

Great game.

Challenging, yet great. You might want to revise the controls so they are more user friendly.

Ha, no offense, but I got the Rubiks cube on my first try in under 5 minutes. Not that complicated to figure out.

elmagique responds:

Does anybody even read the author comments?
Just point and click!

added it to the flash game so people get it.

made my brain hurt

it seems perfectly accurate but for now im just going with rubik's cubes

theyre fun enough

my average on 3x3 is "00:42.70

elmagique responds:

nice, my official best average is 34.68 (record 24.08)

Very complicated

I'm sure it took a lot of work to put this together, but personally I found it way too complicated. Maybe there's a way to make a little but simpler version, so the controls aren't so complex.

elmagique responds:

I based it on a real puzzle which is already pretty easy (compared to the cube). I've added an easy mode. so recheck it if you want to.
But why are the controls complex? it's point and click! (keyboard is only added for speedsolvers)

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2009
2:38 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other