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Salt Scissors Paper

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From the creators of 'Brian or Brine' and 'Lorne Stewart or Launch To It', comes a brand new interactive gaming experience unlike anything you've seen before. A game so complex, yet so simple it needs no instructions.

Can you beat the computer at its own game?

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3/5, 7/10 and 100/100 I loved the part where I picked Paper, then the computer picked Scissors and I won

Is there any correlation between what you pick and whether you win? I picked salt and the computer picked scissors and I lost...... and THEN, I picked scissors and the computer picked salt..... and I lost. I guess the computer's proposition is "heads I win, tails you lose".

Why salt though. Is it by any chance ROCK salt? It's in a saltshaker so I'm guessing it can't be.

When i do scissors then it does paper i lose.

This game is amazing!

Surely, this shall become the foundation of all future strategy games.


since when does paper beat scissors? doesn't scissors cut paper and paper wrap rock and ock break scissors?

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2009
7:17 PM EDT

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