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3D Maze Escape

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Author Comments


Okay so i know that the music starts overlapping at the end, I can't figure out why. So please don't nag about that ):

Please gve constructive criticism. Remember, i'm a noob. I don't know much actionscript and I don't have much patience for animating.

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valiant attempt!

I am a fan of maze and room escape games so I was interested in this one. It seemed as though some of the arrows worked opposite of how they were displayed...although, that could have been an optical illusion. I don't profess to know anything about making these games, but I certainly know how to play them. Keep the escape games coming. Practice makes perfect.

Rockclaw123 responds:

Thanks. :) And i guess it's an ilusion, i ha dit all drawn and labeled before making it in flash. It's mae to be comfusing.


First I think that people seem to be being a bit harsh considering some of the crap that populates this site. Second, it did have some issues. What I noticed were the following:

1. Some of the arrows didn't work. In a way that is okay because they obviously don't lead to the end. But they shouldn't be there if they don't work. I know it is a pain but you should go back through your entire maze and bugcheck the arrows even to places in the maze that don't lead out.

2. Logic is not something you should look to most escape games for. That being said I won the game much too quickly to notice any flaws to your 3d logic. However the game did not feel 3d to me. Three way non tangential intersections (Y intersections) are probably a bad choice. Some of the tunnles and stairwells also seemed to be at odd angles and did detract from the game.

3. Graphics. The graphics aren't so hot, some things you could do to improve this are:
a. Texture your walls, and floor. For this game brick or cinderblock would probably look nice.
b. Add a ceiling so you get the feeling you are looking down a tunnel. Keep your light sources on the ceiling or walls. Either dangling bare bulbs or torches would look nice. Remember when picking the light source to think about how difficult it will be to make it look like the light is comming from there. If you don't want motion lightbulbs are probably the way to go.
c. Variety in the graphics. Maybe while you are drawing out your maze (there are maze generators online for free by the by that will make 2D mazes that you can overlay levels to make 3d mazes) you can create zones, or maybe vary the look by the depth of the dungeon you are on.
d. Your arrows could use some finess, you should try making them look like they are either part of the scene(wall signs). Or like they are hovering there. The ones you have now, just don't look right.
e. Try either making or finding a picture that is a bit more ominous for the ending. Your end picture makes me think 'yay camping'.

4. The music seems to be set to start (again) when either the final screen shows, when you click the final arrow, or when the button pops up to restart the game. If you run back through your code you should find something on one of those events that triggers it. It might not be a direct trigger either it could do with how you coded something that is not quite obvious.

5. As it was said before it is very, very short. In addition to the other misgivings this is a huge problem. I was still trying to get my bearings in the game when suddenly I was out. As I had said before there are free maze generators online. Some of these can create very large mazes. You can actually take these and overlay them to quickly create the layout for a several leveled, and proportional maze. Keep in mind as you draw this out how much area you cover each time you move. This will keep the 'feel' of the maze real.

6. Perhaps some ambient sounds rather than music would be more suited to the game.

I think that a 3D maze is a good idea, but this really needs some work. I hope you take what I have said and actually put it to use, I know it takes time, but taking a long time to put out something good is much better than getting frustrated and putting out something less than the best you can do. Also IMHO it is not cool to threaten to remove peoples reviews, in fact you might find you get more helpful reviews without starting things off on a combative foot. Just my oppinion.

Rockclaw123 responds:

Thank you, so much. This is the most EPIC constructive critisism comment i have EVER seen on NG. I doubt i'll try making another game before having more skill. Again, tank you.

I think my main problem is how much i lack patience. I can never wait to see the finished product.

Random arrows

HOLY PISS ITS JUST A BUNCH OF RANDOM ARROWS. Bland, boring, and plotless.

It was a nice attempt

This game is not very visually appealing.. grey on grey makes for a boring sort of game, and the end prize just wasn't enough. I'm not going to knock you on the fact that the music started to overlap, but the music selection in general just got annoying, with or without the overlap. As for the maze itself-- the only reason people had to click anywhere was to try to see if there was something more visually appearling, there's no plot or reason behind it otherwise, and given that you did try to put in a bit more detail than the standard maze that's in a coloring book, there should have been at least something.

Good attempt, bud awful.

I'm sorry, but I agree with the folks below me. I'll give you points for trying. but like madegg said, I can do something better on MS paint. Good attempt though

Credits & Info

1.25 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2009
4:02 PM EDT