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A Crow in Hell 3

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Hey all!

Well Halloween is coming soon and we are returning from hell with a Trilogy! I'm pleased to bring you A Crow in Hell 3. Again, the Crow is back in hell trying to make his way out, but this time he's more cunning. He can now pick up weights and solve puzzles. This game follows the same stress-intense levels as the first and second games but pushed to the limits so if you enjoyed them I think you should like this one even more. Have fun and happy Halloween everyone!

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Decent game

Nice idea here on this game it was different but as I got more into it and has some good gameplay I do think you could work more on the ending a bit better but I found this game to be fun and entertaining so nice game here indeed

Maybe a better ending as for starters



i liked ot but i was hoping for a better ending. Like the first game. when u get to kill the guy who killed u. and u never concluded the 2nd games ending either so u didn't really finish the seriew... :(

awesome game

man love this game don't listen to those 2 retards below me their just voting low on this game because they suck shit not me though clocked the game bout a hour got steady surgeon finger :D

worst game

evr well not worst but real bad eg.
1st u cnt even land or pause
2nd seen as ya cnt do dat y cnt u stay still birds know how 2 stay still
3rd chekpoints should be shown on map
4th part just before the 1st blue room iz glitchy and if u die its completely stuffed up eg. switchs double action
5th wen u respawn sum stuff respawns and others dont
6th ya 6th not very many timez do i hit the wall but still die
7th sometimes the birds whole entire tail iz in the wall and it dnt die
8th very small space considering the speed of fall
10thwell this ist a complaint but the only reason u go starts from me waz coz of ur intro/art plus making the feathers his live
but i belive it would be beter as health
:ideas:landing,pause,coloured pickupables,coloured, keys for dumbasses,health instead of lives,visable checkpoint,everything restars wen u exit a room,beter death walls or kill bounderies.but overall great idea and planing but not well game play i dnt really do reviews but i waz realy disspointed about the game play and new it could be much beterfor number 4 plz do take this into ur mind for next time


this game is so cool!awesome!
and the musics makes me sad XD