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Millionaire - Monsters A.

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The basis of the game is the same as the regular game, but you don't have to start over if you are wrong. (for this reason, there are no lifelines)

This game was created for some friends who have been creating short films and have started a big promotion in "Monsters Anonymous".

Check out the short films at http://mintypineapple.com /

Michael G.

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So cool

I have always been interested in figuring out brain puzzles and stuff. A lot of times I got the answers right simply because I knew it was going to be something unlikely. The weak point about this was that the animation was mediocre at best. It also would have helped a lot if there was some sound or a song to it. It is still good to play, because the questions are just so fun. I especially want to get the answer right just so I can have it explained to me, in case I was just lucky one of the times.

Could use some work

I think it's a good idea but you should try to work on it a little more and they re-try submitting it. Work on the animation, backgrounds, etc so that they all blend in a way.


its really cool but i think that bob was easiest than seth. oh and another thing: you should put some music

not bad

but you had one question wrong. Charles x. Thomas created the first mass produced calculator in 1820. this was over 70 years before burrough's. i did really like the hitchhiker's guide reference and wish that the million was real.

Could do with

...a clearer lives system