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BilliardBlitz3 Nine Ball

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This is the third in the series of Billiard Blitz games, and the one thing lots of people asked for in the previous two games was a computer opponent. So, that's what I've given you! You can play against 8 different characters who range from beginner to advanced in this game which follows the rules of 9-ball. Also improved are the graphics and the physics to make it as real as possible. Hope you all enjoy it. :)

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same problem as acme, the right side of the table isnt visible. everything before the actual gameplay seemed to fit right in the window, but once you actually have to play
9-ball only the left half of the table is viewable. and no, it has nothing to do with the browser zoom, it was on 'show all'. i dont want to give you a terrible score because it seems to work for some people, so let me know when you figure out the problem.

Andromedus responds:

I'm pretty sure it's a zoom thing. The game is written to be played at 700x500 pixels, and if you change that somehow you might get problems. If you are using Internet Explorer - go to 'Page' on the toolbar, select 'zoom', and '100%'. In Firefox, select 'View' from the menu, 'Zoom', and 'reset'. Hope that helps.

Very nice

Only glitch that I encountered, was I kept getting a foul that I hit the wrong ball... This happens whenever two balls are sitting close to one-another.. According to the aiming thing, I'm hitting the ball I'm supposed to, but if the cue ball hits the second ball within a fraction of a second after the first, it will count as a foul. But that shot is kinda rare, so no real big deal.. But other than that, everything was awesome!

Andromedus responds:

Thanks - I will take a look at that. :)

Great work!

This is an awesome game. Great visuals combined with ease of play. Plays very smooth on my low end box.

Graphics are good and physics seem right on, But

The Right Side of the pool Table is offscreen making this impossible to play, if it weren't for that this would be a fairly nice Pool Game

Andromedus responds:

Sounds like you have your browser zoomed in or something. The whole table is definitely within the screen if you have your browser settings right. :)

like a pool game should be

well done, havent seen any glitches and the difference in difficulty is not only more accurate shots but lucky ones can be seen too.

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2009
9:54 AM EDT