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Test Pilot!

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Author Comments

Hi, this is our first instalment of Test Pilot, where you can 'create any vehicle you can imagine with a large number of engines including jets, propellors and a range of other attachments! Play over 20 levels in this addictive strategy game!' To check out user created levels and vehicles check out http://www.testpilotthega me.com

Set your own controls for each vehicle you create then use those controls to Pilot the vehicle over to the finish line!

Feel free to tell us what you liked/hated about the game, we've just begun work on Test Pilot 2 so any suggestions are welcome. Also please report any bugs and we'll try and fix them A.S.A.P.

Thanks for playing our game, we hope you have fun.

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only 1 complaint

sound= I've hit the mute button on the game but i still hear the engines not sure if this is just me so i thought i'd let you know

great game overall

<I found a glitch i'm proud, cant remember what level it is but when you only put in a small structure like just doulble click & a propeller the screen gets filled with mud> thats not a complaint just something i like about the game, also random fuel tank that cant b deleted

It's great

I do suck at some of the levels!!!!!!! The music goes with the game!!!!!!!!

please listen

you have a good idea with very poor execution. i love games like this but yours...ugh. first off, you are bugged up pretty badly. fuel canisters are not touching but seem to be a part of my craft(complex issue with the tool bar in your game) because they bang into an object and affect the way my machine moves therefore i gather it is attached but not by any visible means. another big problem is when the player reaches the desert climb level, every machine i build required me to start the level and then reset the level before i could set the engine controls. also, the things you refer to as bases need some tweeking(maybe stiff joints as well as loose joints as well registration marks to tell you how long or heavy a given member happens to be). i can make more points but my last is that you offer a piston engine on the outer-space level and i don't have any wheels available to me. ?


well ill give u an 8 for effort.. im a huge physics game fanatic so this would generally be right up my ally tho i have to say there is little to no challenge here.
mainly because pretty much every lvl i played u had jet engines available and all u had to do was make 1 line of wood.. add 2 jet engines a fuel tank and fly to the goal. there was no challenge with obstacls.

for ur next game id say limit the tools and equipment available so wat u are given is all u have and u have to carefully craft a vehical to reach the goal.
or even give the player a set amount of money per lvl so they can only take a certain amount of stuff.. so jet engines would cost most where as piston engins would cost less etc etc.
maybe add in different structure materials also, when playing this i got to the lava lvls and all the stuff was too repedative same engins same wheels same structures same tactics. so ill say what i personally would like to see if u are making another.
1. make a bigger map and remove the screen.
2. add in a currency so the player is limited to what he/she can buy so as to not make the lvl too easy.
3.add in stats which would include weight of finished craft and also the power of the engines
4. allow the crafts to break upon heavy impact
5. introducing new and stronger more exspencive materials to reduce possibility of craft breaking ( possibly unlocked thru an upgrade menu )
6. allowing the player to unlock new equipment using currency which he/she has earned by creating a cheap craft.. ( 1000 credits per lvl.. craft cost 600 = 400 credits goes to players bank for upgrades)
7. and probably the last thing i can think of :P records that can actually be beaten.. 1.8 seconds for a 25 second lvl? come on.
u have the making of an awsome game here and i cant wait to try the next it just needs a few more tweaks because at the moment it doesnt grab ur attention to play for very long as there is no challenge

I like it

But i kinda suck at this game

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2009
8:57 AM EDT