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Away Mouse

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The devil will try to catch your mouse and stop you play the games on Arcadepeer. so keep away the mouse from Devil mouse killer!.
Move your mouse.

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well i understand how to play the game and it seems pretty basic but i cant even last longer than 1 minute =/ maybe the difficulty was increased? i duno. im gettin as many as 3-4 jumps in a 5 second time period at times which is a lil annoying.
along with that the advertisements are really fucking annoying and really let a game like this down it kinda defeates the purpose.. and then when u move of the gamescreen u loose ur courser which again is slightly irritatng.. if improved it would be a good game.
gona keep trying till i get a decent score =/ look out for kylez!

Please ... im diing

Scored: 1,736 higest yet! anyways it was always on the same difficulty and nothing would change, like i could easily predict what was going to happen.

Also the logos are like taking up game space and that turns the game bad i wich they are hidden away or somhing there an eyesore!!


The game was simple, funny, and the graphics weren't too bad, but over all there was no real challenge to the game on any other difficulty then hard.

I didn't really understand the difference between the challenge mode and the free mode. I played both a few times but saw no noticeable difference in game play.

over all score: 6/10 2/5

pig takes forever to jump on hard

pig is easy on easy difficult on medium easiest in hard


AWSOME I AM No.1 but if you dont see me up there than I would been out ranked! CYA's!

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3.96 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2009
9:56 PM EDT