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I started this just for fun a couple years ago, I put a lot of work into it, and so did my brother.

*It's a lot of fun with a ton of easter eggs!*

The troll one is funny YOLO! Check it out on youtube, and it'll make my version even funnier.

You'll have to excuse me for the grenade doing nothing, the file was so big and it made the computer so0o0o0o0o slow when I had it open..

I will try my best to respond to all reviews.

Can you find The Fonz?

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I laughed at the troll 2 reference. The rest just says that you have a messed-up, lonely life.

Darwin7 responds:


That was terrible

Couple of reasons.
1. The graphics were just awful.
2. At your supposed claim at there being a ton of easter eggs, there were 4, which were not good.
3. You act as though this is a piece of art work, it's shit.
4. You advertised it on the BBS which is against the rules.
You get one star for pity.

Darwin7 responds:

Eat my ass, the graphics were perfect. There are more than 4 easter eggs, you're just too stupid to find them. And technically it is a work of art. I don't really give a shit about the BBS rules, and lastly. You say you want a revolution man, well I say that you're full of shit.


hahaha, i love what happens when you click the brush!
well done man!

Darwin7 responds:

Haha, yea that's one of my favs too. Thanks a lot dude

x.X heh

LOL I love the Troll 2 reference, funny thing is, I watched that movie a few weeks ago, not bad on all the easter eggs either =] I also liked the Demonic book thingy XD so classic. :] Nice work on this, it does take time and patience to make these flash games and such :/ anyway 9/10 ><;; plus not to sound rude, but you gotta learn to take criticism on your work from people :o without getting angry and such... part of makin your work better you know? It's the reviews that help us make it better after all ^.~

Darwin7 responds:

Thanks for the solid review. I've never seen that Troll 2 movie, just that clip, and I thought it was so0o00o0o funny. Yea, my bro made that Demonic book thing with the "Monty Python" clip. Yea it did take a lot of time to make, especially with a slow computer. And yea, I know I need to take criticism better. But not when it's just people being dicks.

Nice concept

Good idea but some of the stuff could have been better.

Darwin7 responds:

Yea, I know. Like I said in the description I just started it to dick around. I originally had no intention to submit it, but then I just decided "what the heck".