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Operation Sand Rider

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Author Comments

Hi Guys AdminAnt here from (playtowerdefensegames.co m)

Here is our lastest Tower Defense Games

Features Include

campaign mode
Quick Play
Map Maker
11 In game Badges
In Game Guide
High Scores
3 In Game music selections

Operation: Sand Rider

Join the US Marine Corps and embark on action-filled adventures in the desert. Command your army to victory, gather your medals and be the Greatest General on the net!

You are given the nation's greatest military assets and they're all at your command. Infantry, tanks, stationary weapons, artilleries, F-15's, and many more. Experience the great technology of laser-guided missiles and elite special forces.

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pause button function doesn't work

come on dude

you make this game a bit to hard i cant beat the first level when i have the extra 500
i got really close i was on the last wace but for some reason the helecopter wouldnt leave it destroyed all of my anti helecopter units and then just went right on and killed every one of my other units in seconds and they were well upgraded to so i have no units and the only way i make money is with air strikes and every time i make a new unit the helecopter would kill it immedietly and i suvived for a long time but finaly when i was on the last wave i got taken out the fucking helecopter just kept disableing me i was a sitting duck man if this is a bug then ok but if this was suppost to happen then dude change the fuucking game becouse yea hard games are fun but u shouldnt make them almost umbeatable on the first fucking level if there is only one troop combanation that u have to follow for the whole level then this game deserves a 0 becoue you got to make several ways to win even on the last level again if this was just a bug then sorry for the low rating im giving u a five becouse if it was a bug this game deserves a 10 but if it wasent it deserves a 0 it doesnt matter how great the game idea is if u cant even get into the game then the game is no good and if ur going to say something about the game guide thing well no game should have the first level so hard that u need one and also only a point and click game should even have a walkthough a strategy game should just have like a few tips and hints by the instructions again if it was a bug sorry for the low score

Creative, innovative

amateur6, you're sticking so much to your classical TD games.
You're not so innovative nor creative are you?

One of the points of this game is that you don't notice it's a TD,
but rather, it's a war out there!
- you don't know how many enemies are coming
- there's no actual damage POINTS, we shouldn't rely on BORING POINTS
- and there's no actual RANGE in REAL LIFE

and please report bugs to the appropriate locations:
http://dragonjet.blogspot.com/2009/10 /operation-sand-rider-support.html

By the way, I'm dragonjet, the author of this game.

Buggy and missing essential TD elements

Bugs: after losing all of my units and with no money but a claymore mine at 9,10 ("D-Day", campaign mode, x,y block coordinates) all oncoming troops with full health would simply vanish a few blocks in advance of that spot. Then after the last wave came out, that stopped, but any troops I placed on the map disappeared in a puff of smoke. This continued even after losing and restarting the game from the main menu.

Missing elements:

- No indication of how many waves there are.

- No indication of what damage units do, or immunities (if any).

- No indication of range of units! That's the most BASIC TD element there is!

So, fix all of those things and you'll have a working TD game...

XweaselX responds:

lol you really need to think about the game next time u play.

very nice game

Great game play ...

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2009
1:03 PM EDT