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SaltshakerAdventures Demo

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Attention! This is a demo, not the final product.
EDIT: The project is put on hold, I'm not sure when I will finish it.

Saltshaker Adventure takes you to different places, from Strawberry Island, to Peach Metropolis. You must find your way back to the kitchen and serve your duties as a saltshaker. But can you do it?

Sorry for such a big file size, I didn't feel like reducing music quality for the demo.
Please give feedback and report any bugs here.

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short, but good.

Been waiting a while.

It looks like a decent platformer, it would just be a lot better if he died a little slower. So every time he died you saw how and then it went back to the menu where it says "How sad... You died". A little more detail would be nice. Whenever I draw something in flash that I'm not so sure of, I look it up on Google first to make it look more realistic, like the moon, for example. Not that it's necessary for this game, I just thought it might have some use to other people.

And add a boss, THAT, would be funny.

pretty good

I think I'll add this to my favourites wen tis is out.So please inform me when it's finished creating.

Short ;D

Add maybe scrolling of the view and a animation when you die(when all salt is gone)
And there was even a bug i felt thru the bridge.
Have Potential and I like the PENSI cloud ;)

You've captured my interest.

It is unlike me to favorably review a demo as short as this one. I think I like this, though. The finished game had just better be worth it.

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3.09 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2009
7:57 AM EDT