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Fantasy Kommander 2

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In this second chapter the Eukarion war moves to northeast, inside the powerful Marquissate of Fortebhor.

Will you be able to discover what's going on between the ancient woods of the Empire?

Complete Guide:
http://www.ageofgames.net /mapsandguides/guides/fk-

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I like the character models. They remind me of my old Battle Masters game which was this big plastic sheet you put on the floor with a deck of action cards and hundreds of humans and monsters arranged into units. Humans had a big cannon and the monsters had the Ogre Champion. I had a blast playing it.

Camera resets every round which is annoying and the view of the field is too small. We should be able to zoom out or at least have the camera stay where we put it. For the next game (or this one) I would suggest more automation to cut down on micro-management. Units should start already placed (default) with the option to move them around. Second, the button to start the battle or end a turn should come with a context menu "Are you sure?" Last, a turn order should be apparent at the top of the screen and the next unit should already be selected by the computer instead of forcing the player to move, attack and then click again to see if there are any moves left or units that haven't gone that round.

Good Game!

Wellmade photoshopping graphics, a good concept and good gameplay too accompany it. Lots of things you can do in here... move, build, buy, attack. It's a great strategy/defence RPG, I like, keep it going!


Nice Concept

i love stratagy games, but this got to a point of being annoyingly hard : \
I concure with the bottom 2 review!

good try

first off: well done, this game is from the start a solid tactic game where it can pay to be good on unit positioning and movement.

Right now onto what the hell is wrong with it: siegeing a city is just idiotically hard and with level 3 having one guy with 200 odd health in one that rapes your units everytime they attack is not good design. It isn't even helped that theres another 3 I've got to rescue and by the effening time I fight my way of of the valleys I was in I find my forces not only drained but thats half the turns over FIFTEEN TURNS! that isn't even helped my my units insulting speed, the garrison troops are the only decent siege unit coupled with bows and crossbows but when I only cause one damage a turn it isn't going to be possible. If anything make crossbows and bows effective against units inside castles and make the catapult too an effective siege engine (THATS WHAT THE FUCKING THING IS SUPPOSED TO BE ANYWAY) -ahem-.

You have all the makings of a good game and the amount of work put in is so visible it hurts to see it be unbalanced.

good concept, many minor flaws

the concept is good, but the game play is not very smooth
first the good stuff. The game concept is addictive. with detailed missions and tasks to accomplish in each mission. It's fun.
here are some things that i've noticed

1. in game, it's easy to make a mistake in movement, and once you make a mistake you cannot change back.
2. if you miss a sub quest in a mission, you can never go back and finish it. That's experience and gold forever lost. and it will make further game play harder
3. later games computer takes way too long for their turn. I know it is to make the game more challenging, but really need to find a way to reduce the time.
4. besides the mage, the other 2 heros are not significantly stronger than other units
5. to siege a city is really a pain, like level 3 it's very hard. It took me 3 tries. i dono, maybe it gets even harder from there. I just thought it was too sudden

if the units are slightly more balanced, the game play would improve significantly.