aRien Wars

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aRien Wars was a great game to make, had many hours of fun testing the game. We made aRien Wars 2 and aRien Wars Online. The aRien Wars game has over 9 levels with a really hard boss at the end :)



ok heres good advice not to be crude but that game sucks make the aliens slow down make the guy able to move backward and shoot at the same time.

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intro was good but...

the game was REALY lacking amazeing intro though that was some pretty great art

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Its ok

It would be much better if it would move not that fast.

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like, since it follows you and you also aim with the mouse and since its SO fast paced it becomes nearly impossible to even play, the beggining animation creates great expectation and all but it just isnt playable, at least i cant play it, if you like moves with WASD and shot with the mouse.... but not BOTH...

either way keep working on it
it could work if at least it wasnt so fast, oh and the enemie spawning is really random and fast as well

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unfinished game

This game if thats what you call not been finished or even tested for that matter. The aliens appear at times in the middle of the screen the control method with the mouse if terrble to say the lest. The alien bullets it seem dont hurt you yet get touched by alien and its game over, the power ups dont seem to work so simply put this game is broken

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2.79 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2009
8:44 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun