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Methus' Tower Defence

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Author Comments

Hi Guys! After top-down shooter and side-scrolling brawler, now it's the time of our first fantasy tower defence game.
See the Game Instructions - Spells Guide - Play Suggestions on
http://www.crazymonkeygam es.com/guide/Methus-Tower -Defense/?gameref=methus-

20 game-levels with increasing number of attackers' waves
Besieging Hordes of enemies coming from 3 different armies
10 different magic skills to level up: 5 evocation spells + 5 necromantic rituals
Automatic savegame at the end of each game level
All 3D graphic characters, animations and background
Dynamic particle system for magic spells, arrows and blood
Original musics and fx
CGI 3D introduction and epilogue videos

Methus is an ambitious talented sorcerer of the black magic art who decided to become a loyal follower of the unmentionable Dark Lord supporting his war versus human communities.
Unfortunately for Methus, as in the most classic fantasy stories, ...the good ones won the war versus the Dark Lord's armies.
So, the Orcs and Goblins who escaped from the slaughter want to avenge their dead buddies by killing Methus who convinced them to fight aside the Dark Lord.
Also the survived chaos knight and dark mages want their payback and they ask it to the Dark Lord's follower who is still alive.
On top of that, the winner army of the Humans Alliance wants to eradicate all the evil arms of the Dark Lord.
As a consequence our dear Methus is now besieged within his tower by enemy hordes demanding his head cut off!
He is a novice sorcerer, but as a talented necromancer he knows the power of the dead souls and he still has the Dark Lord spirit aside to teach him how to learn and upgrade the spells and rituals of the black art!

Survive all 20 game levels, keeping your tower energy barrier up and beating the enemy waves off thanks to the magic spells at your disposal.
Drain and collect the souls of the killed enemies, in order give them to the Dark Lord' spirit for gaining new spells and for upgrading their power. The collected souls are useful also to restore your tower energy barrier and to recharge your mana pool.
So, during the game, focus on killing the enemies but don't forget to drain their souls as soon as they die.

The game is almost all playable with mouse only.
The in-game tutorial explains all the controls of the game.
Pressing "H" during the game is always possible to open the "Help page" clarifying the controls resume.
Main Controls:
Click with left mouse button (LMB) on the icon of one of the available spells on the bottom right interface, in order to select the spell to use. Then click the LMB on your target enemy (or the the target area, for the spells with area effect) to cast the selected spell.
By keeping the LMB pressed you continue to automatically cast the selected spell (after its casting time).
A consistent help to your gameplay speed and efficiency is the strategic use of keyboard shortcuts: simply pass over a spell icon with the mouse pointer and press the keyboard number (123...0) to attribute as a shortcut. Once selected, the keyboard shortcut appear over the spell icon: it means you may switch the spells just pressing the related keyboard number. Do it and you'll be very faster in selecting and casting the different spells in game.
Once you kill an enemy, don't forget to drain and collect his soul before it vanishes.
Whenever you blue mana bar is low or empty just press "SPACEBAR" to recharge your mana pool at the rate of 100 mana points for each sacrificed soul.
If the red bar of the tower magic barrier goes down to zero: Game Over.
Other controls:
"ESC" to Main Menu. By clicking on "Continue" button you resume the game you were playing.
"M" to mute audio (music and sound fx). To fine-tune the music and sound fx volume balance enter into the Options from the Main Menu.
"G" to open/close the Creatures Guide, useful to understand the features and skills of the enemies you are going to face, divided by army (Orcs&Goblins, Dark Force Army, Humans Alliance).

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There are games that are hard but fun and challenging. There are games that are just tedious and feel like a chore. I am sorry to say that this game fits perfectly into the second group. It's a damn shame, the game visualy looks great.

fuckin love this game!

The wave of death is so brutal! Even though it only stunned the blue trolls, at least I killed everybody else then fried their asses after! XD YEAH!!!

first things first

a very good game but
the soulcollecting is somewhat of annoying could you make something in the line of "ball of soulcollecting" that sucks them in (with a penalty (double the time or cost of the spell)) or little Imps that do that (but you have to protect them)
oh and my dead won't raise (a bug?)


i never seen anything like this before good job!

original and good way of making a tower defence

Great game, i really like the idea and artwork. Though i think this game is very, very hard, even on easy mode.
I did find it too bad that the aiming reaction is slow (if you are moving the cursor while shooting, your wizard doesn't shoot where you have the cursor at that moment).
Also, the text is hard to read (small and in combination with the font)
Nonetheless very enjoyable.

I've played serveral of your games now and you are one of my favourite flash authors on NG :)

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2009
1:02 PM EDT