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SimpleRTS may not be graphically impressive but has fun and unique gameplay. The AI adapts to the skill-level of the player to make the game just as fun for an experienced RTS player versus a beginner. This is my first flash game. I started it with the intent on seeing if I could actually do it. I'm happy and excited that it came to life as it did. I plan on making a second version in the future with improved graphics and more game play elements. I hope you enjoy the game!


That was fun

Score: 8645429

Amazing. Not that simple, just simple graphics which don't really matter anyways. It would be nice if the AI wouldn't do an overkill deployment whenever you reach some spectacular goal. Also, barracks are overpowered so you end up filling the screen with them and H turrets.

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Add some sound effects and music, Improve graphics, and you should be set for a really good game! ^^

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this is simple, just like the title says, its brilliant, i love the concept of this game and i definitely think u shud make a sequel to this maybe with clear graphics, its hard to distinguish whos shooting who sometimes, maybe some sounds. more buildings and units, different shapes lol. u know the whole shazam..
great game!

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When I was playing hard, it was hilarious. The bot send a huge ass wave against me and i died like instantly. xD Pretty fun though. Add some sound effects, music, better graphics, and you got yourself a good game. =)

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cool stuff

make sure that the buildings don't give benefits until built, you dont even have to finish metal in order to receive its bonus. Other than that its a good start.

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4.00 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2009
4:08 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense