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Iron Turtle

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This is a platformer that involve timing and escaping. Unlike most platformers you play today i did not use Box2D or any third party physics plugins! I actually used Flash 8 with no third part plugins at all. Everything is programed in AS2 Static Class, thats right, SUPER OLD SCHOOL STYLE

Well anyways, its not perfect!
The Collision detection is not that good!

I hope you find it fun, thanks


Arrow keys for movement,
R for restart,

There is a secret on level 8

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omg!!! that level with all the springs!!! its more annoying then challenging with these stupid controls!! i never got to choose that party boy theme song you put on there, the first level are pretty much pointless because there so retartedly easy!! whats the point of having the change music button in the game when i could just change it on the bottom right?!

Unlike my daughter, I actualy like these oldfashioned '2D' platform games. And you did a great job, I know how hard it is because I'm a C# developer with a strongC & assembly background. I wrote code for fast colorful animation on an EGA back in 1990 ...

I've a question: I'd like to call the framework I'm developing 'Iron Turtle', you know, that's how they nicknamed my car because I never drive above speed limits. Of coarse I will mention your game if you let me use it's name, but I would also like to incorporate an iron turtle image.

Let me know if that's allright with you, I would realy appreciate it.


Where did you get that jazzy saxaphone music??? I WANT IT FOR MY CAR!
And yes this is a useless reveiw. Sorry!

this game sucks

it has the most crap controls coz it shudnt jump in mid air theirs nofing to jump on it shud jump off ground

Control Sucks

Control sucks