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Sista Gunner Zombie K2

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Author Comments

This is an update to the first one. We made some more changes:

Mulla currency
Equip able weapons and armor
more NPCs
Constant Reload with spacebar
Zombies die if shot in the head
Zombies drop mulla
Zombie Kill Count and Headshot Count

We are constantly updating this one weekly or biweekly, so its not fully complete - but still playable ^_^

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Headshots did work for me. double tap to kill
But the upgrading eq didnt seem logical nor did I have ANY idea what it did. New gun. still double tap., though it might have had more bullets...
More story and less zombiekills would be recomendable. Maybe a "total amount of zomibes still alive" like 10.000 -> 9.900 after first mission then maybe 9.830 if you fail next level?


this wasnt very good i found out how top equip guns but it didnt really help me.


its some thing gaia would make... not really that fun at all though


I felt that it was hopeless after 2 rounds of battle. there is no point of getting mulla because when i buy items i can't equip them. Head shots do nothing since it didnt kill the zombies instantly. It was faster to shoot them in body and tap spacebar to reload. It is a very good concept for a game. Game had great artwork. You said you were constantly updating, so i look forward to playing this again since it was fun. i enjoy shooters with mouse controls rather than using arrow keys to move around( its hard for me to control movement with left hand). good luck with game. i hope this review helps.