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The Scarlet Room

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Author Comments

You found yourself locked in a room and now have to manage how to escape.

The Scarlet Room is a Room Escape Point and Click game that carries a lot of elements found in the classic Room Escape games.

This is a difficult game that requires a lot of thinking to solve the mysteries.

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Pretty Decent

Kudos on difficulty, Items, Navigation, graphics & sound. Some things I found a bit obscure. Didn't like the quick TV interaction. Nice Job here

5 Stars

The ending was worth all the effort.


yay i got it, it only took me 5 years hahaha xD


another room to attempt to escape from... e.e

There is a flaw with your room. The window can be opened which begs the question. Why doesn't he/she climb out of the window?

I love this game

I have played this escape game in 2007, and I still like it. Gameplay without pixel hunting, good and simple graphic design, lots of puzzles - that's what nice escape game need. But I don't like this creepy sound, when you open the door, click on note, etc, I'm listening this stupid noise. Can you fix it?
PS Sorry, if my English isn't good, but i think you understand this review :)