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Railroad Mania

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Author Comments

UPDATE: I changed a few things (as suggested). You can now speed up the train once it starts, there is an extra tool after level 5 and you can now repeat the level you failed.

The object of the game is to complete 10 levels by building a railroad between two stations. Each level has a required number of track parts that have to be used within a time frame. Building a railroad longer than the required minimum provides extra points. If the player manages to reach the end station, bonus points are received.
Available track parts are selected randomly so the player has to plan where to position them.

Complete the levels by building a railorad track that has at least the minimum number of required parts for that level.
Click on the empty squares in the field to place the next track part on that location.
Click on the available tools to rotate the upcoming part or destroy the ones already placed in the field.
You do not need to reach the end station to advance to the next level, but doing so will grant you extra points.
Click on the Start station to start the train early.

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pretty nice game,

its possivle to send the train in an endles loop

gorjan responds:

thanks for the info. I decided to leave the looping in, but now I do not award points after the train passes over the same tile more then twice. So you can still loop the train if you need more track parts to finish the level, but you can not use this to get insanely high scores.


pretty good very difficult making that track have to be a certain length made it 5x's harder but that was good. defiantly on my fav's for future play

Great Game

Nicely done, it's a lot of fun.

Surprisingly entertaining.

While this game is pretty simple, it's actually quite fun. You took the normal 'pipe game' and added a small feature that made it a little more interesting - the minimum track pieces.

I do feel the point of putting an 'end zone' is kinda redundant if the whole objective isn't to reach it. That just means making a long track that leads to nowhere. I tried the game two ways - I tried playing for score and just making a long track without caring where it ended up. And then I tried making a long enough track to cover the distance required and still end up at the end station. And that was actually more fun. I think putting a destination makes it a little bit more challenging than exciting.

A few features that could greatly improve this thing.

A speed button. Sometimes I'm done building my track before the train even leaves (depending on luck, and also more so in the earlier levels where the required track is shorter) and I'm stuck waiting for the train to move slowly across the track. Have a button to double speed or something so that once I'm done with my track, I can speed the whole thing up.

A level save feature. It's crazy difficult to make it to level 10. And it's terrible starting over and over again. Especially in the later levels, it's actually really satisfying to just build a really long track and watch the points pour in. But once it touches level 7 or so, it becomes really hard. I'd like to be able to retry that level without going through the hassle of playing the first couple of levels that are way to easy.

A rotate counter clockwise feature. I think that would be a much better aid than just your normal rotate tool especially when it comes to angular blocks. Rotating it counter clockwise is rotating it clockwise 3 times. And that sucks. Especially when I'm desperate. It would be a great help in the later levels. Maybe only make it available after 5 levels or something.

This game was surprisingly fun. A couple of tweaks and it could be quite the nifty little thing.

gorjan responds:

Thanks for the tips. I included your suggestions in the game.


fun game, but you probably would not make it to the next stop on my train.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2009
5:37 PM EDT