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This is my first tetris.

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It's Tetris...but ups

Okay then. I have thirty different versions of Tetris, and I'm not exactly clamoring to play this version with a poor remix of the classic tune. But for actually having a tangible game that works, you get a decent score.

you could have at least added a mute button

god is that music awfull.

and yeah, was it really so difficult to look up three words to put this up in a language anyone will understand?

and, it's tetris, it could be worse, but the main thing, it wasn't your idea, you've added nothing to it and well.... let's face it, tetris on it's on wasn't that great of an idea.

Tetris must be Russian.

Because it's history, it was russian :) PS: haha, i understand, i'm Russian :P Anyway- the game is very simple, and music not best of all...

Well... it was Tetris...

All your stars belong to the fact that it was Tetris, an already proven formula and winner.
But that's a bad point.
Nothing original, creative, shiny, special.
Nothing new.
The music ended and didn't loop, which is bad, although maybe that's a plus because I found the techno version of the song really annoying.
The controls were slow to react once the stack of blocks got halfway up or higher. The up button to rotate the block wouldn't react in time, actually messing me up once or twice.
And was translating the menu to English too much to ask for?
I don't know where else you posted this game that actually reads Russian, but it's a very unwelcome sight.
The one redeeming factor was the fact that the option to play or start the game is almost always the top option, so I could guess where the Start button was.

So, basically, yes... this was Tertris.
Just not a very good or creative version of it.


Yo, why don't you credit my song in the proper way? Then it will appear on the audio info as well, and we'll both get more views. Yeah?

Apart from that, pretty good remake. Though its very unoriginal.

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Oct 9, 2009
3:40 AM EDT
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