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Author Comments

Hello newgrounds. This is our latest creation, we hope you enjoy. This is a great shoot-em-up with mission based objectives, loads of weapons and upgrades.

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Great Work

Short and sweet review - Excellent!
A huge amount of ambition for a Flash game.
I want to see a pixel art based sequel :)

Decent, solid game

This was OK, but there is lot you could improve on in a sequel.

The upgrades did not scale, so you can purchase all of them after the very first mission. And while I did notice a difference, it was slight. The only thing I really noticed was the improvement in accuracy, which actually decreases accuracy with a machinegun, because you need to click exactly on the enemy instead of clicking in the general area and letting the reticle-shake hit it for you.

The weapons weren't differentiable. I couldn't tell a difference between machine guns, and there was no practical difference between the two smaller missiles and the larger two missiles. You could get all of them before level 3, anyway, which took the anticipation of a new weapon out of the game. Plus, if you use the missiles, then you always hit a civilian just off the screen, which takes the fun out of it.

The maps were very long and tedious. I found that it really didn't hurt much just to fly over everything until reaching the objective. I think shorter but much harder would be better.

I liked the diversity of the missions; mixing up rescue, sabotage and capture. Maybe you could add even more diverse missions and let you take along different equipment for each mission.

Glitchs and stuff

The ammos from the 2 missiles(not guided) are exchanged, in mission 6 you can kill the pilots and have a mission succesful ... (upgrades are too cheap, you can buy them all after the 1st mission)(is it me or there's no differences between all 3 missiles and the grenades?)
WAAAAAAAAAAY too easy ... (like mission 8, you just fly over the level clicking nonestop shooting missiles or grenades and easy as pie) I picked up 1 health pack for the whole game and it was in level one after getting hited by the 1st missile launcher ... btw, you should make a clear change in lighting for night and dusk missions ... and the achievements are too easy too ... too much ammo and health ...
so bottom line, just too easy not event a challenge anywhere ... gave it 4/5 though so its not complaining, more positive critisism

Very nice.

I liked it too, but there have been a few points I would change.

1.The Weapons are too strong.
2.The 2 guns and 2 rocket launchers felt almost the same.
3.The explosive weapons need adjustment, because there is barely a difference.

I'd love to see a Blade Striker 2, with more levels and some balanced new weapons.

shockwood responds:

Thanks Andion, there's a sequel in the making :) Good point on the weapons, thanks.

oh hells yes!

Nice...always loved the Choplifter type games, and this rocks. Good job!

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2009
4:07 AM EDT