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Cyberoids is a tower defense style game moves a player in year 2135, in the middle of conflict between "Alliance" - a joined forces of human race fights against extraterrestrial species known as "Cyberoids". The player finds himself on a small planet lost in space. The war factory on this planet is one of the biggest factories the "Alliance" has to produce weapons.Obviously, the location of "Alpha" planet is no more a secret for the "Cyberoids". You need to protect it at all costs until the "Alliance" fleet arrives. The base has a workshop which can produce various defense systems to guard the area. Your aim is to prevent any infiltration by enemy forces until reinforcements arrive.

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It adds nothing new to the genre and gets pretty repetive.

TheHelmsman responds:

Yes mate, you're right. I tried to create a solid and well balanced game play without bringing something new to genre, 'cause this genre is new for me. Thank you.

Very nice.

I like Defense games like this, hope you can make more games with genre like this.

TheHelmsman responds:

Will see, may be I'll add some levels in the future + new types of towers. It really depends on the popularity of this game.

Not bad...

To me, this game is pretty addictive though. Just that it needs a certain instructions to tell when the land, air or the 'p' attack is coming. Cheers for the efforts :)

TheHelmsman responds:

Thank you.

Regarding instructions you asked for, use intelligence screen in order to see what types of the Cyberoids will be in the next wave.


Its an ok tower defence game, not alot of options of towers, the upgrade for range, damage, reload is nice to bad you can only choose one branch, but thats the game ofcourse,
However, i think i found a glitch, you want to upgrade something, and you haven no money you still get the upgrade. if you have money you pay for it or with add-on. but if you have nothing, you pay nothing :)
- health bars would be nice too, and the wave may start automaticly (if it was up to me)
still a decent TD-game though. keep up the good job!

TheHelmsman responds:

You can upgrade your towers using either the energy you have or add-ons you picked up during gameplay. The first priority is add-ons, if you have no add-ons, then the game check your energy, if you have no energy and no add-ons you can't upgrade. Looks like that in your case you picked up add-on which was used for upgrade, that was the reason why the energy amount was unchanged after upgrade.

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4.00 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2009
2:33 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense