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Ninja Furenji

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Ninja Furenji is a game about lost honour, your inner kangaroo and mass murder. As a ninja who has lost his honour, the only thing you can do is track down the 5 ninjas who have caused you this terrible fate and kill everyone in their city!

We're terribly sorry, something went wrong with Mochiads and it totally Fucked up the collision in the levels. Here's a non Mochiad version, sorry for the trouble!

** The Mochiad problem is fixed now! So now NF has Leaderboards! =D

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much better games on other sites but i preffer toss the turtle


my biggest qualm is that the game play got repetitive very quickly. add some bosses, or more characters that are harder to hit.
make the red ninjas do something when the player finds them, instead of just stand there and die.
asides from that its a good game, I love the way ability customization is done.

game is kinda good

but your japanese is really bad. I don`t know if u speak or if u got it written for u, but ninja is wrong, as well as some other stuff. An when u write western stuff u should use katakana instead of hiragana. Still I gave u a five because we are judging game, not language, aren`t we? Hope you don`t mind the advice, and if you are going to call me names for it, as everyone here does when u tell em somethign they dont like, don`t bother, otherwise, good job with the game!

SirRealism responds:

Yeah, I know the Japanese sucks XD
I just wrote how I though it sounded and I chose Hiragana because it looked more awesome XD.
Thanks for the commetn!


Not bad but next time more weapons and moves.

Not bad...

Lolz, you put in Amsterdam, that owns. Cause that's my land XD
But it is full of bugs,
I can't hit anyone with shuriken, the places you walk on should match with the art, it's confusing as you don't know where to walk.
In london as you walk you are sometimes just bouncing up and down while you're not jumping.

As you fix those things, add some better music at it, than it could be a pretty nice game.

SirRealism responds:

I'm sorry that you had to play the glitchy version. Mochiads totally screwed it up, but it should be fixed now.
Thanks for playing!