rescue britney spears

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Help! Help! Britney has been captured and is in danger! Navigate your way through fierce opposition and obstacles to reclaim her honor and she may reward you with hot, hot britney spears action! THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE FEWEL PLAY MY DAMN GAME NOW!!

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How can I not like it?

At first I thought this was going to be something for the "Bastards" series as it would make fun of Britney Spears. It was pretty interesting to find out this had nothing to do with making fun of her. I liked the brief animation of you getting slapped. It also had a pretty funny sound to it. I would seriously like to know if anybody has ever been able to get through this whole game. The idea is so simple in theory but you put it in the hardest way imaginable, which I think was really clever.

In Fact....

though hard I enjoyed it....Good Job...next time make them a bit easier....

Oh my God

I spend most of my day navigating through the maze, failing countless times, but eventually I made it... and good God. Those pictures would make any sailor blush.

I'm going to love myself now

Agreed with Levethian

this game DO sucks you can't complete it! impossible!!


Warning If You DO Mannage To Make It To The End U Get To See A 45 Year Old Balding Man And It Says Strawberry Clock Is Teh King Of The Portal, KNOX IS THE KING OF THE PORTAL

Post Note:
i didnt actuly waste my time, i just right clicked, presses s then put my mouse over the finnish and tabbed the selecton to the close button then pressed enter, and i automaticly won
u can do the same but ull just be wasting ur time

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2.21 / 5.00

May 2, 2002
8:44 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid