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Letter RIP

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In Letter RIP, you are Sheriff Wordsmith, tasked with eliminating 10 notorious bad word gangs that have been terrorizing towns and misspelling words throughout the wild west! So grab your trusty Colt .45 Peacemaker and prepare for the gunfight of your life!

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Nice game

And here was a nice game has a balance of different stuff good graphics some nice gameplay and overall a good experience with this game a good idea overall and the concept of it all is pretty nice too so nice work here on this one

I really didn't find anything on this that really needs changes


pretty cool

game... interesting... maybe I'm just only noticing it but a biug new trend seems to be these word kind of games lately... never noticed many of them before but these past few days there have been a bunch of variations on the theme.

Kind of interesting how flash themes come in waves...

Your take on it is extremely original and creative though. Great work!

bossmonsterDanbo responds:

Thanks for the review! This was an entry I made for MochiAds Word Play contest...The contest just ended, so it makes sense that all the peeps who made games for that contest just uploaded them to NG. Hence the wave of word play games! ;)


no mute button....-.-

bossmonsterDanbo responds:

Sowwy! ;)

Mmm Not bad, Not great.

One thing I relized quick, Was to knock the "lietter' (Letter) off that was mispelt..or to make it form a word. Pretty much a spelling correction game :P Great concept. Good Graphics..Didn't mind the music. Yet only gripe I have with this is, It doesn't really explain what to do. Maybe a tutorial of such to get a familiarization of the game would of been nice. Other then that ~7/10~ ~ 3/5 ~

bossmonsterDanbo responds:

Yeah, I've never been much for writing instructions for the games I make. But I will certainly your advice into account! Thanks!


this game is solid,
the graphics, detail, sounds, and idea are all great.
kudos on the mechanics for reloading/cover etc.
the only thing in my mind keeping this flash from a 10/10 would be thats it's not COMPLETELY immersive, [ex. soundtracks, campaign, alot could have been added, etc.] however, I think as a casual flashgame, it is very good. great job.

bossmonsterDanbo responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you noticed the mechanics. I spend a lot of time these days trying to hone the mechanics. I enjoy when a game "feels" right. Originally I had a sweet animation showing the bullets being reloaded into your gun...one by one. It looked great, sounded great, but annoyed the hell out of me waiting for the gun to reload. Players want bullets NOW! ;)