UFO Attack

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Directional arrows- move
Left mouse click: shoot

School project done as a learning exercise. This is not finished and may hav some minor glitches.
If u happen to find any id love to know, thanks. ~Tayway


It was good

One problem is that when you attack one ufo they all seem to be destroyed... Fix that and it would be an awesome game...

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feels unfinished...

needs graphics for explosions. maybe some return fire. and more power-ups. but a nice effort.

Tayway responds:

its funny the things you dont think of that are as basic as an explosion. I only had a day or two to work on this tho for school. My next edit il add explosions, return fire and more power ups.

For a learning exercise, not bad.

Just some points.
1) The shooting always felt off-center. Maybe it's just me.
2) Why make multiple enemies if they all share damage?
3) I'd have nothing touching me and still get hit. Got to work on your hit detection.
4) That random green dot... did collecting that do anything?
5) could use some power ups.

Overall, it was a nice first effort, just needs some tweaking when you get better at programming.

Tayway responds:

Bullets generate randomlly along the players origin so they could come out looking off centered or lop sided.
The enemys... idk it musta been a lack of sleep thing.
The green dot should add life.

Thanks for your feedback


Not bad, this game is actually quite good for an exercise. Some minor explosions for when the lasers hit the aliens, and some more weapons, and this game could make the front page. And you could make the aliens to move, and make the playfield bigger, that would make some furious action.

Tayway responds:

furious action lol i ike that. I'll take that into consideration when i update it. Thanks for the feedback!


Sorry man, but I can't say this is something good...
Would you please tell me why on earth (well, not exactly) if I shoot just one of the enemies ufoes, all of them get hit? O_O
The other flaw I found is that when you die, you are supposed to stay dead, not accumulate negative points (maybe a zombie ufo can but...) and Keep Playing!
Also, the stars are supposed to be on the background, not in front od asteroids and my ship... u_u''
And the last thing: why does my ship spring back if I try to move forward?? :(

Keep on working man, don't give up and try always to become better... Good Luck.-

Tayway responds:

ok to answer your Qs...
1) when you shoot one enemy they all get hurt because i was still learning flash at the time and didnt see a problem with that since the point is just to reach a set amount of points.
2) When u die... who cares if u accumulate negative points, u allready lost. And yes, it is a zombie ufo...
3) the stars are in the background, i just even checked. Could u explain?
4) never had the ship spring back when i try to move? What the hek were u doing? r we playing the same game here? lol
Thanks for the feedback, i dont appreciate the zero tho. Thats very uncool.

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3.11 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2009
12:21 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional