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Heroes of Cybertron

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Transformers have always been part of my life. This is my way of paying
my respects to them.The graphics and animation are BAD, but my heart was in the right place :)
Music "decepticon remix" by Bryan Kato , I was Still new to flash, but the next tribute will be better.

Update: 2010, and 2 major movies in, and no one has come close to making a transformers movie with substance. I STILL have the draft to this .. if any transfans out there are serious about collabing with me, and making a trailer that could possibly give us G1 fans some chills, get back at me.

"Till All Are One"

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Damn animation for Flash in 2000 looked really cool!!!

dear dude i like your movies

I have so much nostalgia for this cartoon. I remember browsing this website since I was little (probably was too young to be on here but that's besides the point lol) as early as 2007. You were always one of my favorite artists on here, and as a fellow Transformers fan I was overjoyed to see such a nice serious animation back then. Had to come back here to show my respects.

MindChamber responds:

thanks for the love, it's definitely much appreciated <3

Love it!

Good graphics and the animation is not bad for being twenty years old. This is very dramatic and emotional for a NewGrounds movie. Plenty of nice content. I have always been a fan of the Transformers.