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The kiwi Game

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Author Comments

Watch past the credits, after you beat it, for answers to the questions.
You'll have a much easier time in the eating level with the powerup

This is how to beat LEVEL 8: hold control to knock the tree over then just walk up to it and you automatically climb over it. also, if you can't jump in level 7/8 you cant you have to let go of the left key.
for some reason the egg isn't visible in the last part o.o?

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Cute short game. Very enjoyable!

Solid work good graphics nice gameplay

Some problems.

~ The Good ~

The animation was cute looking and the music choices fit the game nicely. The gameplay was fun for the most part, but there were a few annoyances.

~ The Bad ~

The character jump was really off. It felt delayed and way too "floaty". Also, as long as you hit an enemy your health was drained continually without a short "invincibly" mode.

CyanSandwich responds:

hey it's cootie!
Anyway, thanks for the review. I know just about every flaw of this game by now though ;)

Cute and fun game.

OK so this is a fun game, very simple, and i like how the tutorial, its simple and you give simple instructions as not to get confused, now already in the tutorial of the game it had some nice effects with some simple characters so its a fun game, LOL the death screen is funny but gets to the point, once again nice effects like the stars and such, i didnt get very far allthough it was pretty straight forward, so the graphics were good and the gameplay was decent, as to improving on a game like this im not sure, maybe some more {SOUND/FX} but really for the mostpart it is a decent and fun game you have here, on a last note i suppose you could spice up the effects like in the backround by adding some flying birds and all sorts of little details like that, anyways nice job i liked the game.

Some more animated life like props in the backround like a bird flies, and so on, maybe some enhanced sound/fx.

Fun and simple game


CyanSandwich responds:

Thanks for reviewing :)
Some good points there.


the cridit page make you feel like you lost like when you quit on donkeyy kong 64
(yes i have it)