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Cel-Shading Tutorial

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Author Comments

First off, I'd like to inform reviewers that Newgrounds categorizes tutorials and games as the same; if you were expecting this to be a game, you're wrong! This is a tutorial on how to make cell-shaded graphics in Flash.

The tutorial is pretty concise, but it's also decently descriptive, so you should do fine. If I'm moving too fast for you, go ahead and send me a PM. Depending on its contents, I might rephrase my tutorial or simply send a reply back.

Look guys, it's not really cel-shading. I've heard that about 4 times over from you guys. It creates the ILLUSION of cel-shading, and depending on your shading picture, it may look more or less realistic. Your best bet is to scan in your own shading pictures exclusive to the artistic theme of the scene. Don't expect a real cel-shading tutorial soon, because FLASH CAN'T HANDLE 3D.

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This isn't cel-shading at all

The technique is interesting, probably a big space and time waster but interesting. Cel-shading is a type of rendering of 3d models or animation too look hand drawn, you can usually distinguish it in some cartoons where there is going to be alot of movement of a complex entity (like a car or a plane) they will then render it so all the shades become solid and there are basically the two different flat shades. Go look at wikipedia for some examples, and make sure you know what your talking about before you write a tutorial.

Kwing responds:

I expected that if I got as far as a 4th review that they would say something along the lines of "I know you're probably tired of hearing that it isn't Cel-Shading, so let me review something else about the tutorial." Ah, well. You might have guessed I already know that by now.

Dude you really need actions..

To make that static 360?
Then again you even add layers?
1: Draw guy.
2: Paste static over it.
3: Right click static to movie clip.
4: Right click static again and select edit.
5: Select static and then go to properties making it an alpha of your choice.
6: On the edit screen timeline of the static just make the static turn side to side each keyframe.

Ok, this saves up more data than that way.

Kwing responds:

Lolwut? Are you trying to offer an alternate form of animation? No, mine is probably the better go, since the original static is an imported Bitmap. If you wanted an accurate recreation in Flash the Movie Clip itself would be pretty high memory.

I must disagree

I do not believe this is a good way to fake cel-shading (that is spelled correctly). However, I see what you are going for (kind of like it was filled with crayon), so I will not blam it.

Kwing responds:

Whoops, can't believe I misspelled the whole thing! I think cel-shading has a bunch of sub-categories, though, because I've looked it up and the look of them are quite different. For instance, the cutscenes in Final Fantasy Tactics as opposed to the example pictures on Wikipedia.

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4.24 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2009
8:32 PM EDT