The Insanity

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UPDATE - 24/12/2015
This is EvilKris- creator of the game. Just letting you know that 'The Insanity' series is being adapted to graphic novel format, entirely sketched and written by myself. You can check out the updates on the FB page here - https://www.facebook.com/The-Insanity-a-Graphic-Novel-874163545970945/
If you want to support the continuation of the series, it is crucial that you check in and LIKE or comment. Your encouragement is much appreciated (and a requirement if you ever want to see what happens in part 3!)


This is a hybrid Action/Point&Click Horror Adventure game targeted not only for the casual P&C gamers but also fans of Resident Evil, Dead Space, Silent Hill etc. It was scheduled to be released for the NG Halloween Competition until I noticed you have to use the NG Banner, which wouldn't work with my current sponsorship deal. Oh well.here you are anyway NG.

MOUSE. Items can be picked up with clicking and dropped back into the inventory by clicking within the inventory area or via DOUBLE-CLICK.

The story starts with you waking in a room of a terrifying and gore-infested house. You're covered in bandages and your identity is a mystery to all but few-including yourself. As you make your escape you uncover that the house is the lair of amaniacal ex-chief of surgery the media have labelled 'THE DOCTOR', a psychotic ex-chief of surgery who now labours his days experimenting with a dark and abhorred surgical art, the practice of vivisection- the matching of human and animal limb. You are his latest victim to his cause. Going further into the game you realise that all is not what it seems, and that there are secrets to be discovered, and some that will shock you to the core.

THE INSANITY follows the tradtion of many previous point'n'click games but also features many action sub-games to keep the player on his toes, which involve battles or solving puzzles within set time limits. Traditional P&N players might find the game a little fast-paced in places.

Make no bones about it the themes of THE INSANITY are disturbing. and the game itself aims to be one of the scariest Flash titles out there. Please be aware the graphics and story are vivid and in many cases disturbing so the game targets the slightly older generation of gamers (12+) and is not suitable for young children to play with its stark psychological themes and unsettling images of horror and gore.

Site-locked Non Exclusive sponsorship available. Please contact me personally or visit Flash Game License for more information.

More information about the game (include post-dev write-up) can be found here on my blog.
http://ydjapan.blogspot.c om/

Please mention it in the thread below if you uncover any bugs/major glitches
That's about it! Play it late at night with the lights off and the volume up and enjoy!


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You want to know how this is a horrifying game? That goddamn "BWAAAH-WAH-WAAAH" Damn music. God that music/sound effect disturbs me on both games. Belongs in Silent Hill's OST :'l

that last picture made me shit myself

Super cool game but weirdly, when i am in mode combat, the game just stops working

well done!

I couldn't handle this game it feel so boring to me.