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Kill H1N1

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Hey everyone!

With all the hype surrounding the H1N1 virus pandemic we decided to create a little game on the subject. This game is not in our usual style but I hope you will like it anyway. The main character Micheal is a young boy on a quest to prevent the H1N1 from spreading in his neighborhood. As he helps the various people he will discover the dark truth surrounding this fear.

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You get a point for the art and sound. that part was fine. the part inside the immune system is extremely difficult to control. You can't even retry if you mess up (Which I tried and tried over and over to get that part down.)
I also didn't like the jump physics of the kid. Very hard to control at times.

No good

.theres should a game that you are the h1n1 virus.The controls in the immune system is quite touchy so it could need some polish.I would rate this a good score only if you could make controls in immune system good.


I think people are going a little too ape-shit over this.

Get your FLU jab today!

Cool game, really enjoyed playing it. Great music especially level 3 :-) The artistry is awesome as always.

Great art, but the controls need some polish.

The story, animations, art, and sounds are great. However, the controls could use some polish. The controls when in the immune system are quite touchy. Takes a bit of time to get used to. I honestly expected to control the remedy with the mouse. Also, for the jump, it shouldn't fire again until after the key up event (easy -use a boolean). This would keep it with normal platforming standards. I know for myself, I tend to hold the jump button until I land. And lastly, the run animation could be perceived as cute, but because it seems to only be 2 frames, it doesn't seem like an intentional design choice but more of a choice out of laziness. But lets be honest, Im nitpicking. The game was fun and enjoyable. Good job.