The Word Factory

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Thanks for trying my first public flash game, an entry for the Mochiads word game contest. And thanks for any hints on improving the game!

Click on the letter to create a word connection. Press space to claim gold for upgrades. Buy new factories by clicking on a letter on the right. Click on a factory to access the upgrade panel and buy faster letter generation, shields for letter bubbles and weapons against enemies.

Thanks for all your comments! The game now has a new, better word list with plural words. Also done some balancing ...

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There are a lot of words missing.

It seems that a lot of simple words are not here. And i had a lot of S's floating around because a lot of plurals are not recognised either.

Close but no cigars.

kuebel responds:

Thanks, corrected in updated version ...


but very fun as well, good job =D

good try...

but it still needs work. the game relies too much on luck because there were a number of times were i lost simply due to not getting the letters i needed. earning more gold to buy more letter producers would be nice. the word allowances needs to be improved because i entered words like his and other words that i know to be in the dictionary only to have them get rejected. hope the sequel is better

Unique take on a word game

I like word puzzles/games so this was enjoyable. Very clean, nice looking visually. A little slow at times but I'm sure it picks up when you increase factory speed. Good job.

Cool Idea

This game was pretty cool, I didn't seem to need to buy gun upgrades, only speed on my new factories. I think that there are a few things that should be looked at;

- stop the original factory from producing characters from which I've already bought a specialized factory for. I seemed to keep getting a vast amount of the letter E and T even after buying the factories for them

- give more gold for words, or lower cost for upgrades. I kept running out of time because the words only populate so fast, and without a large number of unique factories I couldn't spell out enough words to keep the timer up and still be concerned about how much cash I could make.

I honestly didn't have enough time or cash to experience the enemies, that may be something you could take off, as it's not really needed for the type of game you've made.

All in all, great job. With a little more tweaking, this could be a very fun and adicting game.

kuebel responds:

Thanks a lot for playing and your review. Your first remark: The orignial factory does stop to produce letters for which you have added factories.
Second one: If you build longer words, you'll get more gold and advancing a level also brings enough gold to add new factories. But I know, there is still some balancing to be done.

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3.58 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2009
12:24 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other