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-Meteor Bomber-

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4:00 am. The city is looking pretty fucked.

A neighborhood scientist and his apprentice discover the Earth has pulled a large number of meteors into it's gravitation, and the whole town is about to get pelted. With the guidance of his friend and mentor, Chino must strap into a rickety test jetpack and take to the skys in order to stop the meteors.

By blowing them back to hell where they belong. With explosives.


MOVEMENT -- the mouse
PLANT EXPLOSIVES -- left click


12 levels total, can you survive?

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Points do nothing, it's the same thing over again... not enough insentives.

TheMillz responds:

lol dude its 2017, standards are way higher now, of course this game is garbage

EDIT: Now it's 2021, still not getting any more "modern", care to comment about how it magically still does not conform to modern design conventions? No? Ok, I'll ask again next year...


Easy to get the Hang of, amusing speech and a nice´n´easy increase in difficulty. Overall - a great game for the coffee break at work. The rest has already been said - more diversity, extra weapons maybe. Hey, why don´t the aliens cut the sueing and decide to bomb back? Would make a nice sequel! keep up the good work! You sure as hell made my coffee break worthwile! (especially the last stage - the dropping rocks made it interesting)

TheMillz responds:

Wow, thanks man! Another person who made it to the end, that's pretty cool. Maybe try another one of our games your next break, like Circle of Pain or Prison of Industry.

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback man!

It's simple enough to get into.

nice little take on missle defense but again it was too easy. Most of my points for a nice homage but seems like something is missing; maybe a sequal with challenges or whatnot. Still all in all got my attention and you are headed in the right direction.

TheMillz responds:

Yes, I believe something is indeed missing myself. I noticed it in late testing, but I'm just not sure as to what we could add/change to make it right. During conceptualization, I didn't anticipate gameplay would grow stale so quickly ( the problem is repetitiveness above anything else I think ).

I don't know, thanks for reviewing though, and if anyone has a suggestion please don't hesitate to leave it in a review. Some real helpful reviews so far, thanks everyone.

not so great

It was OK, but not all that polished and the gameplay was too simplistic. Didn't really have motivation to play for longer than 2 minutes as things were just repeating over and over again.

TheMillz responds:

I hear where your coming from, and I don't blame ya. Can't appeal to everyone.

Impressive awsome game

I loved the game, However it was to easy, I just used the time bombs threw the whole thing and didnt lose any life. But great and addictive

TheMillz responds:

Thank you very much for the kind review mate

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3.95 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2009
9:44 AM EDT