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Cooking (bocodamondo)

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"Edit: now hase the flash scenes select"
finaly episode 4 is done:

*bocodamondo want to earn money so he cook 'fred" and the rest is the beginn of a new fricking adventure of bocodamondo.

-thanks to jaxxy egoraptor tomamoto & eddsworld to helping me on the voices in my submission.

about subtittles:
you can see the flash is 9MB thats why i can't make subtittles
but im sure next flash i can do it :D

about the art, (deleted)

about the audio: bad quality WAS* bad

if you like my works here more:

www.bocodamondo.sheezyart .com
www.youtube.com/rosenific ation
www.bocodamondo.newground s.com
www.bocodamondo.deviantar t.com

so that it...

with big love -bocodamondo

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My husband showed me this today and I loved it

bocodamondo responds:

thats surreal to hear, haha

it's good because it's bad.
without a doubt this sentence explains 100% of the video, I laughed because this look very much like a kind of old school shitpost, and bad humor defines me.

bocodamondo responds:

haha yeah, im sure thats the reason why egoraptor and co were willing to help me with this dumb animation,

even if they only did it for the lols, i do still really appreciate it, and i wouldnt tbe where i am today if it wasnt for this animation

So bad it’s good

So an MS.Paint-esque video has 3.5 stars just because it has big names in it but my videos get 3? I will never understand the internet’s algorithm.

bocodamondo responds:

there is something called "so bad its good"
and im pretty sure thats the reason why all those guys were willing to help me back then

good anime 100000000000/2