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Months of work on what I originally planned to be a large-scale RPG style game turned into disappointment with a lack of interest from many sponsors. However, this was much too well done in terms of organized code and planning to be left to rot. Enjoy the demo version of Memories!

Levels work arggh sorry about that.

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I agree with ameteur6 on those points and also found out that once you enter a room and go back to the other you came from you get into a black space you cannot get out of.
poblably a bug...

Fun ...and also not.

First: craft and skills are great systems (although, as has also been said, it would be nice to be able to craft an existing item instead of having to start from scratch). Fighting, as has been said, is not. It's not REALLY all that different from something like Diablo, BUT the graphics, their scale, etc, make it look silly.

Drawbacks: I couldn't figure out how to add potions to my quickslots. Granted, I didn't need them yet (only got up to level 2) but it would have been nice to know. There's also something weird about not having a "close" box on the inventory and skills windows. AND -- the coupe de grace -- I also experienced the "black room" bug. I was heading back to save after leveling up and... black room!

Good luck with it, though.

HStudios responds:

Sorry about the potions, they don't go into quickslots; only abilities do.
I'll certainly add a belt or something for quick potions if I do a remake though, as that was what I originally intended them slots for (I got too lazy to make a seperate method of casting spells).


I really liked the build and the crafting system.

On the other and the combat system was terrible, ram into the enemy and clik fast.
Needs to be rewrited, the ability to move sideways or to increase speed/mobility in the build, wouldn't be bad.

I would have liked to use the objects i find as a base for the crafting, enchantin them or simply using them as raw materials to spare points.

But I understand that there will be not a complete version, well that sucks, I hope you find a luck ring.

i really like the setup

crafting and such was fun. i got a bit better at battles after a moment, but i hope you can pursue this sometime a bit more.

buggy bug

i left the first area, killed a skeleton and went back only to have the floor and walls dissapear, my HUD was still there and so was my character but everything else was black,

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3.58 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2009
7:26 PM EDT