Gun for hire

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===I forgot to put a pre-loader into this, so wait for it to load!===

hi newgrounds! I recently made my shooter game tutorial, and using it I made this. It's short (2 levels!) and not too good, but still it's my first ever sniper game (I spent a few hours on it, lol) and I'm 10 (I just keep milking that cow!) so rate kindly. I hope you're a fast reader. And I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!


i 90% like this and 10% unlike this..but..FULL STARS FOR U!...THANKS FOR MAKING DIS GAME :D IS GREAT
reply me

just bad

please don't ever do this again


2 levs, dude. it needs MORE. But whats all that in the comments saying you're 10. you're profile page says your 19. i would rate easy on you sins it is you're first game. but that up right manipulation to get better votes, is gust wrong.

but, I'm giving you a (2*), because you're finally removing the ear rape out of your games, that you seem to think, people need to listen to whilst their trying to play a quiz.

I mean, whats up with that.

the truth may hurt, but is all to help you.

Joeboe1998 responds:

Nothing is up with that, I am 10, 11 now.


This would have been good a long time ago, but now it is no good. It isn't even finished. Okay for a few hours of work, but the targets moving would be better. Good for a quick little flash. Next time actually put more time into it.


Well friend, you certainly need to work on this before you can claim it is a flash game.
Taking a computer programming/media arts class in seventh grade does NOT mean you get to start your own flash game enterprise. On that note if you want to get anywhere in life you need to take examples of the best and attempt to reproduce it. That being said I should make it clear that if you REALLY wanna do well in this world you need to use some good ol' thought process and ACTUALLY create your own content once you have successfully mastered the ability of recreating that which the pros produce. All in all: work on your flashes BEFORE you submit them to newgrounds.

Joeboe1998 responds:

lol. 7th grade? I'm 10. And i just got Flash about a month ago

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1.21 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2009
5:11 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person