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When Penguins Attack - TD

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Save the human race from the onslaught of the evel wormongering penguins.

* Path finding AI
* Open Battlefields
* Visual Upgrades on Towers
* Unlockable Achievements
* Medals
* Custom Graphics Engine
I'd love to hear your comments (good and bad)

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Really addictive and fun, and it's cool unlocking medals and achievements. It's entertaining unlocking all the turrets too, and the changes actually appear on it. So in the end, When Penguin's Attack is a really fun game to play, and passes the time! Great job!

Great TD Game

I have played a number of TD games over the last few years, and this is the only game which equals the Bloons Tower Defense games for addictivenesss. I love how you can place the towers to form paths and mazes on the map. It gives each map great replay value. I would love to see a sequel.
I do have a few negative points though. The first time I plaed this game I reached the secret bunker level, yet when I came on today, I was brought back to the twin level. I enjoy this game so much that I don't really care, but the game could do with some work on save games. Also, with my own strategy, I found that I was able to complete every level without any losses very easily (with the exception of a few restarts before level 5 whilst I developed my tactics). This game could do with a more challenging difficulty setting. For example, a few more enamies in each wave and slightly more expensive towers. Either way, these are only small critisisms. I really hope to see a sequel.

I hate birds...

and I love TDs! 10 from me =)


This game is perfect for someone looking to pass the time. I do agree though that it needs more levels and more towers. It is a little easy if you just make a long path for them to follow, using the basic towers, fully upgraded. You need to give the player some incentive to use some of the more powerful towers.

Kill em Nazi Penguins!!!!!

Perfect games for bored persons! This one is HOT!