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Mullet-Mans Pickle Quest!

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One different world, one quest for pickles, one crazy mullet-man.

Take control of Mullet-Man in this photo-manipulation art filled platformer where ya must escape a different world and get the pickles back! The goal is simple - survive, escape, collect pickles, avoid terrible danger, and unleash the Mullet-Fist!

The sprite was made Mortal Kombat style by takin' pictures of me posin' and spendin' lots of time croppin' 'em and then animatin' 'em. Then not wanting to leave it so bland though I decided to spice up some graphics with some rotoscoping.

Enjoy! And huge thanks out to InvisibleObserver and Dan Purcell for music.

- SKIP button added to in-game dialogue.
- Made the Boss slightly trickier.
- Change birthing location of rebirth.

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cool game you have here

I think it's an amazing game. It's definitely one of those games in which you have to play a couple times to have an idea of what to avoid in what way. Nicely put together and I like the attack combos.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Thanks a lot Yoink.
I agree that you definitely need to get a feel for it. I felt I put it together nicely too - I tried to make something fun while having fun - and really - mullet fist is the epiphany of fun. :D
Thanks for the review.

Hard as shit

Reminds me of The unfair platformer! c[:
Trippy music too, top quality work as always Derek, keep it up!

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Thanks Dan!
Sorry it's so hard. My inspiration is Mario and Mega-man. I'm use to tough challenging games so I make 'em tough. Planning to ease it up and add some upgrades in future games.
Thanks for the review. ^^

good however...

um one word is checkpoints second word is power to use the mullet fist maybe get it by eating pickles mmmmm pickles also i like the idea but some of the voice acting was low but all in all it was good and the one word that haunts my reveiws of your games is.... you geusd it UPGRADES maybe before you fight the dog and get exp for pickles/avoiding obsticals but 8/10 and 4/5

i love your work and i just want to say thx for beng a pothead this life would be boring without the duders

Horny pie man signing out (thats me from the forumz!)

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Thanks for the review man.

I agree upgrades before the boss would have been nice.
I didn't forget this was just meant to be small but, I guess it got bigger.
I'll remember upgrades in the next games don'tcha worry.


Muuullet punch, that clip alone made it worth the play. Adding the skip for the dialog was a good idea, it was pretty good dialog though, if you sped it up a bit I think it would be a lot easier to listen through. Overall really entertaining. And I loled.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Thanks a lot. Awesome - I'm glad ya loled and I've succeeded in creating something entertaining. :3

err what?

the animation is ok. the control is really loose and hard to use. the story is boring. and there are too many obstacles and not enough enemies, i died 4 times before i even got to an enemy! that, combined with the wafer thin 'plot' and dodgy controls made me quit very early...

TheCriminalDuder responds:

You're judging it like this is a game you were suppose to see on Playstation Network or something - this is the internet - this is short game made for fun to be a short fun play.

I think you're just upset ya died a lot. I made the game tricky on purpose. Just be patient - ya can't blast through this.