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Blaze The Cat Dress Up

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I acctuly finished this a while ago. I don't know why I never uploaded it onto NG.

NOTE: Some of the items have buttons on them that give you alternet versions of that item.

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You get to make blaze look hot. Blaze is my favorite sonic character even though I am a guy I love to play as a female character. In Ape Escape 3 I played as Yumi and, it felt great. This is a game where you can make blaze sexy I just love playing as her in sonic rush.

SECRETS: Eyes 1; if you click the irises, you can change the color! Shirts: Hoodie; Click the skull, you can put the black hood up. Click the cassette, you can get the white hood up. Shirt: The shirt with the hazard sign, click it to change the style. SKIRTS: Click the pins to change the style! HEADBAND: The first headband, click the bow to change style! TROUSERS 1: Click the button in the middle, you can change the style!

Future Punk Blaze
Eyes: 5
Mouth: 8
Last ear piercing at the bottom of menu
Jacket: 2
Bodysuit: 3
Gloves: 3
Shoes: 4
Shorts: 1

Monster Blaze:
Start with a blank blaze
No eyes
No Bra
No Panties
Mouth: 12
Makeup: 4
Collars: 8
Ear; Spike: all 3
Tattoo: 1, 2, 3
Wrists: 2
Ankles: 3
Tail: 1, 4, 5
(Makeup 4 gives off a creepy vibe when you remove Blaze's eyes)