Blaze The Cat Dress Up

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I acctuly finished this a while ago. I don't know why I never uploaded it onto NG.

NOTE: Some of the items have buttons on them that give you alternet versions of that item.

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Maid blaze

Blaze: All

Headband: 4

Eyes: 7

Mouth: 4

Collars: 6

No Bodysuit

T-shirt: 11

Skirt type: 1

Socks: 4

Shoes: 13

Gloves: 11

Emotions: 3

Loved the game.

No Tail
Glove Type: 9
Wrist Type: 1
Shoe Type: 3
Trousers Type: 1
T-Shirt Type: 2
Hair: Short type 1
All earrings in Ring category
Eye Type: 10
Mouth Type: 3
Glasses type: 3
Nothing in the Blaze category
Put anything in the stuff you can't see.
Congrats! You now have "Nerdy McBlaze"!

I do not have Facebook

i made a embarrassed blaze.
eyes 10
blaze head all
mouth one
blush line
no cloths

i love it ♥ i think i fell in love with the character i made ♥