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Arthropod Armada

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Shooting: Ctrl or space bar
Moving: Arrow keys
Quality: 'Q' key

Alert! Due to keyboards being weird, holding space causes you to not be able to move diagonally. Thus, the Rocketslap management would reccomend using the Ctrl key to shoot instead of the space bar.

This is an arcade-style shoot-em'-up where you fight against the high score table. Compete with your friends, the scoreboard is connected with facebook. Hope you all like it! If you die, you can control your head with the arrow keys, which is pretty rad.

This game marks our first game under the Rocketslap Entertainment label.

Programming by Billy "Billy" Monks (rocketslap.com),
Art by Nathan "Zekey" Malone (weirdurl.com),
Music by Kevin "Shadowfox2" Studevant (myspace.com/shadowfox2mu sic),
Voice acting by Brandon "BigArmyBug" Clark (brandonpclark.wordpress.

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how to regain lives? lol only got past wave 2 sign

DAIRYDOG responds:

You can’t, sorry. The waves are all mostly the same.

I love it :) I love one hit deaths, I honestly don't know what people have against them, specially in shooters. But holy shit, that boss kicks my ass.


I'm pretty sure the last time I played this there was some bug that didn't even let me start the game, but now that I've played it it's a pretty great game!

DAIRYDOG responds:

lol, glad it worked this time and you liked it :)

A game?

I think this may in fact be the first game I have ever played that featured art by ZekeySpaceyLizard! This isn't of course to say I didn't appreciate the work the rest of you guys did, like Bug. I think this may be the only time where every contributor had a different job! The result is a fun game that has everything you could want from a standard game. I thought the backgrounds and enemies were all quite interesting. It is great to see a lot of people come together to make something that is truly fun.

DAIRYDOG responds:

You are especially positive about this project, thank you.


The score for this game astounds me to this day. The controls are perfectly fine. Sure it isn't exactly the most revolutionary shooter but Zekey's art style really creates a fresh experience. In a way I sort of feel like I was playing a B-movie styled game. I don't know if that was what you guys were shooting for but that's just me.

It didn't glitch out on me at all and I honestly have no idea what some of these people are talking about. The game was smooth as silk for me. Also props to Bug for his funny vocals.

So yeah all around great game that has a strangely low score. I still think most of the reviewers fail to tell the difference between a badly made game and a challenging game. A little practice and you'll be moving up to higher levels just fine.

DAIRYDOG responds:

I'm pretty sure the reviewers are all just violently opposed to the classic arcade game instant-kills.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2009
5:06 AM EDT