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The Impassable Quiz

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Author Comments

First time i've even touched flash in years. Please tell me if anything is wrong or needs to be fixed.

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by Right Clicking and pressing forward it was a simple test
anyway it was pretty good

AndrewGlisson13 responds:

I'm afraid I must disagree. This is a peice of shit test.

Not bad

Nice questions, I learned quite a bit from playing this quiz.

First off, the checkpoints. An ok idea, however it was very annoying how the music restarted every time you restarted in the first couple of questions.

The maze game was easy to beat via right clicking.

I also noticed a glitch. After question 11, if you got an answer wrong, you wouldn't go to the game over screen, just back to question 11.

The quiz layout was pretty 5 second in my opinion. If the answer buttons stayed in the same place after every question, it would make the quiz as a whole look a lot more professional.

In conclusion, this isn't a bad flash game, but it could've been produced a whole lot better.

AndrewGlisson13 responds:

Thanks for the review, i'll be sure to refer to it if I ever make a sequel.

well....u tried

not the worst quiz game ive ever played but couldve been longer and questions couldve been a little harder.......i like how the fear of long words is the longest word ever lol

AndrewGlisson13 responds:

I didn't really try that hard :P

I was just curious as to what kinds of reviews this would get.

Also, Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia isn't the longest word ever, pneumonoultramicroscopics- ilicovolcanoconiosis is.


But too short and easy.
You can finish the maze in 1 second by clicking the right mouse button.
(A cheat, yay!)

AndrewGlisson13 responds:

I'm going to have to fix that XD

fun for 30 seconds...

they teach this stuff in school now. im a freshman in highschool and i knew most of those questions. XD thats sad. music gets annoying really fast

AndrewGlisson13 responds:

I'll need to think of better questions next time, I guess.

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2009
2:36 AM EDT