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Chaos Racer

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Chaos Racer is a hybrid of a mechanics-based puzzle game (like "Incredible Machine" or "Armadillo Run") and a realistic 2-D off-road racing simulator (like "Elastomania") featuring arcade elements (such as bonuses and special abilities).

Choose difficulty level you like/can play in main menu of the game (can be changed during the game).
Build a road using available tools.
Click "Drive" button or press space.
Drive your car in order to reach the finish.
Click "Build" or hit space again to return to building mode if something goes wrong.

A/D Drive left/right
Q/E - Wheel jump left/right (helpful to flip car over!!)
W - Car jump

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no offense but this is kind of retarded

the controls were so consusing, I did not even play it for five minutes.

I just clicked off

when I saw how awkwardly the controls were set up./


Ok, that was actually a terrible game.

The concept is ok, probably could have been exploited in a better way since the game is mediocre at best.

The controls are stiff and, except the directional buttons, were useless. Probably intended to be used in certain situations, but I never found any use for them, except make my car go upside down.

The items are completely meaningless. The first levels are easily beaten without using any item, and sometimes items are not working the way you would expect to (like the fans or the teleport).

Balance levels are a pain in the ass, and they also give you nothing but poits, which I don't actually care. Also, when the platform bounces on the side of the screen you lose balance and need to desperately re-gain the grip to avoid being scattered away.

The graphics are good if you come from 2001.

The music is redundant and, to be honest, horrible. But at least gives the impression of a car game.

Sorry, but I'll give it a 2/10 1/5.

What Control?

Nice game concept and all, but the controls were impossible to use with any efficiency. I didn't feel like I was in much control of the vehicle at any point.
For the first few levels, the items weren't needed at all.
The spring seemed to be erratic and I never was ever able to get a feel as to how much bouce it was supposed to give.
Sometimes I'd sky rocket off them, sometimes it was like a lead balloon.
The fans would be actually usefull if you could change the direction they blow.
Especially in that spiral level, would have been nice to be blown to the left and not always straight up.
If you could change the fan direction, it wasn't clear.
Those balancing levels were a pain and totally unimportant to the actual gameplay. Perhaps instead of just driving off and ending the pointlessness of it all, set some sort of time you actually have to balance.
Otherwise, those balance levels seemed just totally out of place with the rest of the game for a few measly extra points.
Also, there wasn't much balance strategy to it, usually things like that, the idea is to keep towards the middle to avoid rocking the platform too much.
That balance game sometimes just dumped me clear off the thing, the little truck just didn't have enough traction to stay on it the way the platform would tilt itself.
Really, if you're going to do that, at least have a required time, maybe increasing it by 5 seconds more each round of that mini-game.
There's also one issue I have with the graphics.
Some things in the foreground look like background items and vice versa.

Usually King.com makes good, fun games, but this game really missed the quality mark.

Tis' good.

Nice game, but it froze on me after level one. See what the issue is, and you will have an awesome game. Like a cross between lemmings and Motor madness.