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How many high scoring words can you create in 3 minutes in this ocean themed word game?

So you're pretty good at using your keyboard to kill zombies and monsters but how skilled are you at quickly thinking on your feet when spelling is on the line?

You'll have to use your keyboard agility and word knowledge to score speed combos in this fast paced game. The whales will reward you with larger geyser explosions for higher scoring words and the pace will increase as each minute passes. Enjoy!

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The ocean theme doesn't seem to have much connection, but it is a genuinely tricky game. I only played through once, but I get the feeling that once you get some experience using all four of the whales some high scores can start stacking up. Personally the most I could manage was two words going at a time, but it was nice that the letters scrolled fast enough that you didn't have to sit around waiting too long for any particular letter.

A highly original and challenging little invention you have here, I'm surprised it hasn't seen more interest.

HybridMind responds:

Thanks for giving it a try and leaving your review. This is definitely not an easy word game. I admit the whale and ocean theme is a little randomly combined with the word pun of the title but it is just what we went with for some reason. I just really like the ocean and wanted to have a game that let me mess with some of the atmosphere of the ocean.

Once you learn to juggle multiple word banks as well as master how the 'fish combo' multiplier works you can start setting some pretty highscores.

great game

wow the game turned out great!
i didn't expect it to be so hard, damn :-)

HybridMind responds:

Thanks for trying it out man! Glad you enjoyed it. I know we worked hard on all the crazy ocean atmosphere stuff once we had the basic game mechanic finished.

Why words on whales? It's a mystery.

Not bad, but needs a few things...

I like the idea of this game, but there's a few basic features that need to be implemented to make it more professional looking. For starters, shortly after starting, I forgot how to submit a word, so I wanted to pause the game for a bit (no way to pause). Then, I got so far behind, I wanted to start over (and there's no way I know of to start over, other than restarting the game.) Needs a simple "Return to menu" function.

Other than that I like that idea, and it's a good start.

HybridMind responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I agree that pause would be nice. I'm not sure why I forgot to do that as I often do a menu / pause system. Yeah, 'R' for restart just returns to menu as you've noticed.

I appreciate you playing it and leaving your review though, take care!

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Sep 23, 2009
12:08 PM EDT
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