Princess Magical Fruit

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Me and my wife created this game. We hope you enjoy!
We are contantly updating with more levels, etc.


Since when is a carrot...

..a magical fruit? I thought it was a root vegetable. eh, whatever. game got old quick. Game play didnt change much, if at all between stages . Aint gonna claim i know the intent of this game but i think its along the lines of repetitive action without much challenge but plenty of frustration i.e. how the fruit falls negating any attempt to use ones' ability to collect the fruit to achieve combos, limited power ups, the annoying tree (i guess in an attempt to counter balance the running shoes which by itself is great idea) and/ or lack of story line and/or character development. If these things were not intended to be in the game, then great game. Just some things to think about and to possibly focus into a second version

theres nothing but art to this game

... the code can be found all over the net in a billion tutorials for making this sort of generic game.

Not to accuse you of anything... just to say - this is ANYTHING BUT ORIGINAL!!~!

not bad

the music was kind of annoying, but the game looks great.


The graphics were well done, the idea was alright. I think you should have done more with the game though, which plenty could be done to it. Adding enemies, or some sort of situation for the character. A storyline would have been good also. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the idea but why is she collecting fruit, then coins, then fruit?

Try adding different levels, level ups, enemies, and some sort of storyline to the flash and I am sure it will receive a better score. The problem is that the game is too much of the same thing, over and over again.

Other then that, decent work!



Just another "Catch the stuff" type games. Not bad, though. I enjoyed it. I wish that you made more than 1 power-up. Here's one you could add: the Vaccum Bucket. I'm pretty sure you could connect the dots on what it does. Anyways, I see myself coming back to it, but not too often.

keyeske responds:

great idea thanks :)

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3.27 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2009
6:54 PM EDT
Adventure - Other