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Word Magnate

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Here is a game where you can show off your vocabulary and your typing skills.

Buy words cheap and sell them expensive on a letter stock market.
Use the keyboard and your typing skills to get good scores.

Type a word and press enter to buy it.
Retype a already bought word and press enter to sell it.
Use backspace to delete last letter, and escape to delete all letters.
Keys 1-3 are used to sort the your word list.

The game can also be played with the mouse.
Please read the "How To" for further instructions.

Strategy tip: start buying short words, buy longer words when you have made enough money.

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vry fun

very funny but also very hard!

i think u could offer this nice game to some basic shools. id love to learn in such a way.

nice music by the way.

Very fun ^^

I found this to be extremely fun and you could probably make some sort of top-100 ^^

Awesome concept.

It is a great concept for a game. Only thing is, you can just re-use words. You can watch two different groups of letters, and just keep buying and selling the same words from them over and over. Example- i can just keep buying and selling mom, mono, nom, over and over watching just one price. You should add different modes, where each letter might have its own price, rather than groups of letters, or have the price for 3 letter words vs 4 letter words change, or be unable to reuse the same words within a certain time limit, etc. This game is a great idea but can totally be expanded to be much better. Maybe add some progressive levels or something too. You could add restrictions to what words can be used like only animals or something for a higher difficulty level.

Other nit picky items that dont matter but people will notice: the $ should come before the number, not after. umm.. i guess thats it.

matpg responds:

Thanks for the review and tips, I was thinking of having fever letters in the groups, but went for the easier version. The idea with restrictions and progressive levels is also good. Will put the things on the list for update/sequel.
Thanks for the "$" remark, didn't think about that.

potentially fun!

but there is just WAYYYY too much thinking involved. too hard for me, but I think some nerd out there would enjoy it!

pretty good

i think its pretty good thats all i have to say