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MagnetiZR is a game where you distort magnetic physics and control the fields action. It's up to you to create magnetic distortions with the various magnets at your disposal, and ultimately connect the ink with the "Win" magnet(s).

Trailer http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=Ve520kbi4KI

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relly fun but

it wont let me grab the magnets on the third level

Time to blow me up some physics.

Welcome...to the MagnetiZR review. I'm your host, Lazydaemon.

*Is using Afrew as a chair for his sins*

The genre says skill, but I say puzzle. Does that make a difference? Probably not. Here's how it is. I chose a game at random and I found yours, a game where you shoot goals by distorting the gravity in the area with magnets. Some people...*Glares at his seat*...seem to think the magnets don't work right. Well, if that were the case, how did I win? The answer: This game works as it should. It requires personal tweaking for your magnet setup, to allow your shots to go precisely where they need be. I guess that's where the skill part comes in. So, truth in advertising. Fair enough.

Now that I've debunked that, I'd like to say that - graphically - this game is very nice. It has a simple-but-difficuly premise, so I can see why the effects budget got more of a hand-out. (I kid, seriously. It's a nicely-built game, all around.) It just has a nice look to it. And...well, the only problem I have is that the white is a bit bright, but that's a personal taste calling in. (I like darkness.) The music was also good and I have no special comments to make about that.

To our friends who said in there that this game wasn't your style and you claimed you couldn't get it to work, I ask "Why did you review, then?". Seriously, those little aesthetic differences aren't the creator's fault. Expand yourself! And...I dunno...don't get stuck? Game works, so...I dunno what to say. Well, except perhaps...



Awesome, I couldn't possibly think how to make this better.
Way fun man, way cool, wow.

Magnets have never been so dumb

The physics make almost no sense. Even if you move the Negative Magnets by a lot it either won't change how the laser moves or make the laser go in a totally different direction.

very hard

this is a very hard game but very interesting. did you know that if u press reset everything restarts and even the time restarts? if you do that and if you know how to beat the level, it should be easy to beat the clock.