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Dot Defense

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Ok, so this the first flash game I've completed. Written in AS3 using Flex Builder 3.

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Good Start

Gave you 2/5 and 5/10. It strikes me as a first attempt at TD, and as such, it's not a bad one, but it's not great. It does have a good idea in it: I like the option to customize your towers, but there's a bit more work that needs done.

As a first game, this is excellent. As a game overall, it's pretty basic. Some things to consider:
-Graphics. Quality and variety can make or break a game. Even stuff like Retarded Animal Babies, with terrible artwork, is still engaging due to variety and the ease of recognition. Also, special effects like stuff exploding and bullets flying are key. Take a look at Momentum Missile Mayhem, not for mechanics, but for pretty factor. You don't have to be THAT good, but some variety keeps it from looking like psychedelic Othello.
-Sound. Everyone wants to hear stuff blow up, and music keeps it from sounding too much like Pong.
-Variety. I could customize my towers (Again, that's a GREAT idea, you should use it again), but had no way of upgrading them or telling one variety from another. Also, you need more maps. The one map will suffice for a while, but look at the variety in something like GemCraft. Each map is different from the last, but there are enough waves on each map to keep you there for a while...plus some easter eggs that encourage you coming back to the level later.

Overall, this is a stellar example of a first game, just not more than a ho-hum example of a game within this forum. Don't get discouraged, take a look at other games and some of the comments, figure out what you can make better, and do it! I'm looking forward to seeing the custom tower mechanic in the future.

your first

for your first it is good... but after a while I lost interest at looking at dots.

Awesome concept but....

Like the rest said though it would be nice with some sound, and to fix the fact that all you have to do is spam towers until you cover the screen then wait for the green dot's to kill you.

Excellent game, innovative concept

It is a very interesting and original mechanism for a tower defense game. In the way of improving it and making sequels, I agree with Hanchaisun2. There should be an option to upgrade existing towers, because as it is, at level 9 point something all there is left to do is click "next wave" until you die. There should also be other types of towers, each using this method of customization (or something similar), because that would make for a very interesting and deep tower defense game. Sounds and different enemies would definitely be nice additions as well.

For my towers, I simply used 17 or 18 in each stat for the first two layers around the path, then I increased the range a bit for each layer after that. Doing this, I lost at level 12.8 with 870 kills and 4646 leftover money.

I would certainly like to see a sequel or second version, because this idea could go a long way

Its Really Good

Its Really Fun And Its Nice That You Can Customise Their Performance. I Ran Out Of Room To Put More Towers On At Like Level 9.2 So It Would Be Nice If You Were Able To Upgrade Them To Increase Their Stats.

The Stats That I Used For My Towers Were:
Damage - 16
Range - 24
Speed - 14
And They Seem To Work Pretty Well

I Ended Up Losing At Level 10.8 With 2096 Money Left Over And After 723 Kills.
Some Sound Effects And Music Would Be Appriciated, Also The Graphics Could Be Enhanced And You May Want To Give A Thought Into Making Different Character And Tower Designs.

Credits & Info

3.24 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2009
2:55 PM EDT