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Pong Oldschool

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Just classical Pong with some sounds. Like it or hate it!

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Pong? Honestly? I'm usually quite kind with my reviews, but put some effort into it man! It's fine to make this as practice, but don't post it anywhere, we've all seen Pong before. If you feel you must, at least add a twist to it. Look up "Pwong" in the search bar up at the top of the page. I've got it favorited because, despite being essentially Pong, it has just enough unique features to make it entertaining.

2 stars for the work, but try harder next time.

Here's what i think...

1st: you promised what you said on description.
2nd: Once you've got 6 points it's impossible to score any longer
3rd: You could make this multiplayer on the keyboard =)
4th: Mute button would be welcome

Fix 2nd and 4th and this should be ok
And yes, i like very old school games!

Very simple..

But the sound effects and the nostalgia is just purely awesome :D

what's new?

What makes this different to the original?
You added some sounds, ok. And what else?
Have you created the sounds.

Your collision detection is not working properly.

Flash is a good way to revive old classics.
But in my opinion it's not a good idea to jsut port the game to flash.
Try to add something to the idea.

Make it 3D, add some collectible bonuses, combine it with other old games (like breakout)
I'd love to play a new pong, with great new features.